What’s the difference between a decal and a magnet?

Decals are made from adhesive vinyl. They are not static clings. Decals stick to most any hard, non-porous surface (glass, metal, plastic, etc).  There is NO black “background” to a decal, it is ONLY the colored portion you see on the display photo. Decals are removable, but they will be destroyed during the removal process. If you intend to put a decal on your car window, we recommend putting it on the OUTSIDE of the glass.

Magnets are made from vehicle signage grade magnetic vinyl, and contour cut by hand. They are removable and repositionable. They of course only stick to metal.

So how do you make these things? 

Each design is original artwork by the owner of K9-Design, Anney Doucette. All designs are copyright protected. They are initially drawn by hand, then processed in Photoshop to clean up the edges and put them into “decal mode.” The image is then transferred to vinyl cutting software. I operate a Roland GX-24 24” vinyl cutter which feeds the vinyl through in rolls and cuts the decal pattern. The vinyl is then weeded, processed and ultimately ends up as a decal or magnet.

Magnets or decals which contain different colors of vinyl are assembled by hand, much like pieces into a puzzle. This is tedious work, but the results are amazing. You won’t find anyone else doing this or getting the same effect with multiple layers of vinyl.

Most people who see the creative process in the flesh are less impressed by the complexity and more impressed by the fact I am patient enough to do it all myself!

How do you apply them? 

Magnets apply themselves. Decals come with application instructions on the back.

Basically, apply them to any clean, dry, room temperature surface.

We recommend waiting at least a week before washing or running the windshield wipers over a newly applied decal. Any small bubbles will work themselves out in time. Larger bubbles can be popped with a needle and the air squeezed out.

For very large decals (i.e. RVs) I recommend hiring a local window tinting or sign shop to apply them correctly.

It is recommended that decals are applied on the OUTSIDE of a car window.

How long do they last? 

Most of the vinyl used by K9-Design is rated as color-safe for 3 to 5 years. After that you can expect some fading, cracking or peeling. Exposure to the elements (extreme sunlight or cold) can decrease that time.

Most of the holographic vinyl is color-safe up to 24 months. Gold- and silver-leaf tend to last longest. Red, purple, brown and orange hologram fade the quickest.  Blue, green and yellow keep their color a long time.

Please realize that nothing in life lasts forever. Decals will cost you a few dollars a year worth of enjoyment. I think they’re worth it!

How do you take care of them? 

Magnets and decals are very sturdy. Decals can be washed with any sort of soap or window cleaner. Weather or windshield wipers will not hurt them. The only thing they really don’t like is snow scrapers!

Magnets themselves are quite sturdy but due diligence is required to get the most out of them. They can be washed with any sort of soap or window cleaner. You should remove your magnets ONCE A MONTH – just pick them up then put them right back. Magnets that never get moved around will get hyper-polarized and married to their metal surface. At that point they are almost impossible to remove without them crumbling to bits.

Magnets and automatic, drive-through car washes are not friends. I highly recommend you remove your magnets before going through the car wash. Decals don’t care.

Will magnets fade the paint on my car?

No. It’s the unprotected paint around them that might fade! The magnet actually protects the paint from the sun. But take my word for it : you’d have to leave a magnet on your car for DECADES for there to be a noticeable color difference in the paint.

What about custom designs?

K9-Design LOVES to make all manner of custom magnets, decals and license plates. The possibilities are endless : color, size, design, etc. Please refer to the custom page for more information:


Shipping Time

I keep very little finished product in stock. Most items are made to order. This means, depending on our travel schedule and in-house supply of raw material, it may take 2-3 weeks before your order is shipped. If you have a specific deadline, please email me at upon ordering and let me know. I will do my best to accommodate your requests.

Shipping Methods

K9-Design ships USPS either first class or Priority depending on weight and size, for both domestic and international orders. The shopping cart will assess your shipping charges as you add items. Yes, K9-Design ships worldwide.


I handle all issues with incorrect or damaged items individually. I will do the utmost to rectify every situation and keep my customers happy. Please email me at if your order is not what you expected.

What was that about copyright protection?

That’s right – ALL of the images produced by K9-Design are copyright protected under US federal law. That means you are not allowed to use it in ANY form or fashion unless you purchase the item or artwork from K9-Design or one of our retailers. Do not copy any K9-Design image in part, whole or modified form for any reason, unless you have expressly purchased artwork or permission directly from K9-Design. Thank you for your compliance with this matter.

On the flip side, I love creating individual artwork for my clients that they CAN use as their very own, often for a very reasonable cost. Email me at and let me know what you're interested in!